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Mobility & Falls

As we get older, unfortunately we can end up suffering with different conditions, as well as having a general decline in strength, balance and mobility. After being in hospital these problems often arise and physiotherapy in your home can address these issues, helping you to get back to your regular lifestyle. Maintenance programmes are available to preserve current levels of activity.

The Home Physio | Care of the Elderly


As a result of a neurological condition weakness, paralysis, reduced balance and problems performing everyday tasks can often present themselves. Physiotherapy can help optimise these problems by facilitating restoration of normal movement patterns or by using alternative strategies to progress function to maximum potential, leading to a better quality of life.

The Home Physio | Neurological: Stroke & Parkinsons


After such surgeries as knee or hip replacements, physiotherapy aims to restore full range of movement, strengthen muscles and to help regain normal patterns of movement. Those with long standing problems before their joint replacements have often fallen into bad habits, compromising other joints and muscle weakness.

The Home Physio | Pre & Post Survey Recovery
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